Lake Montcortès


This beautiful lake is of carstic origin, not glacier, and is the only lake of the Pyrenees of these characteristics. It has a perimeter of 1320m and occupies 43 hectares. Its waters come from an internal spring that has a depth that varies according to the seasons, but always oscillates between 20 and 40 meters deep. This lake is included in the PEIN (Plan of Natural Interest Spaces) and is one of the most important aquatic and migratory bird reserves in the Pyrenees (osprey, common snipe, duck). It also contains a diversity of flora and fauna species, some of which are poorly represented in the Pyrenean territory. You can make several hiking trails from the lake, swim, fish. How to get there: from gerri de la sal, direccio sort, we take the local road that goes off to the left towards La Pobleta de Bellveii. The lake is 12 km away.

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