Salt Museum

Gerri de la Sal

The Gerri de la Sal Museum is located in the old salt warehouse. The building consists of a more or less square floor of 650 m2 per floor with three floors and the attic. On the ground floor you will discover how it is possible to make salt if we are so far from the sea! The Museum consists of three parts divided into four naves. In the first two ships you will discover the work that was done in the warehouse: the printing, the weighing, the types of salt they made and how it was distributed, to the third ship, through four audiovisuals and four models you will discover the work that the saline: since the water leaves the spring, and what had to be done for this water to be transformed into salt besides knowing how the salt worked in Gerri and also where the salt was kept during the production period, finally, in the last ship there is an audiovisual of 5 minutes where it is explained from when salt is made in Gerri and why it had to leave the Museum also has an agrotienda with products of the region such as the ratafía de Gerri, the salt of Roser, cookies de la Noguera Pallaresa, natural soaps among many other products. Come and discover how salt is made in one of the few inland salt flats of Catalonia!

Schedule: Concerted visits
How to get there: Take the N-260 road, 14 km from La Pobla de Segur, direction Sort.
25590 Gerri de la Sal (Baix Pallars)
Phone: 630 05 61 38

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