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national park of aiguestortes and lake st maurice

lake st maurice

One of the largest natural treasures of Catalonia is the Aigüestortes National Park and the Lake of San Mauricio, the only national park in our community. Located in the heart of the Pyrenees of Lleida, it is the most genuine representation of the high mountain and is unique due to the majesty of its landscapes and the richness of the flora and fauna it houses. The park is planted with firs and centennial black pine forests and it is watered by almost 200 lakes of high mountain, where the chamois, the grouse, the marmota and the mythical bearded vulture find refuge. The best excursions to get to know the park are the Path of the Love, Roca de la Burnada, Llong Lake, Lake of San Mauricio and Amitges. In the National Park, glacial phenomena such as the U-shaped valleys and the natural lakes can be observed. The landscape includes alpine meadows and swamps, and the lower walls of the area are covered by forests of firs and pine trees. Some of the park's peaks have altitudes of around 3,000 m, which means that the Park has a large number of refuges and other external services such as reception houses for visitors.

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