Preso Museum of Freedom


The Way of Freedom is the name by which the route that passed through Sort was known, which was used by approximately 70-80 thousand people who fled the Nazi regime during the years of the Second World War (1939-1944). The mountain passes became the silent testimony of his odyssey to achieve the desired freedom. The Prison - Museum of the Way of the Freedom wants to give to know what they were the evasions and to pay tribute to all those that they carried out them. In the space known as Casa Xorret, where formerly a gothic chapel was located as a small hospital, the prison of "Men of the Judicial Party of Sort" was installed. They also imprisoned different groups persecuted by the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and, later, those who were to be subjected to Francoist repression. The defendants were also arrested for minor offenses, basically small excesses and thefts, as a result of the extreme misery of the first years of Francoism. The old prison of sort has become a museum about the escape of Nazism. The museum is considered a monument to peace and freedom, and a tribute to the victims of fascism. To arrange guided tours, contact: [email protected] Telephone: 973 62 00 10

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