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By virtue of the applicable regulations on Personal Data Protection, INVERSIONS I CONTRACTES, SA inform you that by entering your data through the electronic forms of our website or by sending us your "resume" we will provide certain Character Data Personnel that will be treated in an automated way and will be incorporated to the corresponding mixed files, previously registered before the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, of which the person in charge of the file is or will be titular and responsible and, if appropriate, in charge of the treatment.


The collection and automated processing of your Personal Data has the following purposes: Management of customers in everything related to services and accommodation in our hotels. In the case of sending us your "Curriculum Vitae", the purpose will be the study of the different "curriculum" so that our Human Resources department will select the staff that meets a suitable profile to join the company. You consent to your data being treated in this way and not being used for other uses. Also, you hereby consent to your data being treated for marketing and promotional purposes including such actions sending electronic commercial communications for the set of products and services that we offer as well as others related to the hotel, travel, gastronomy and leisure sector . On the other hand, if you make a reservation at one of our hotels, Hotel les brases will act as treatment manager and the person responsible for your data will be the associated Hotel where you finally stay.


We inform you that you as the owner of the data will at all times have the right to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in the terms set forth in data protection legislation. To these ends, a written and signed request addressed to Inversions i Contractes SA - CIF A25376609, HR Department, will suffice to the following address: av / generalitat 27, sort 25560, Lleida, Spain or by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address Electronic info@hotellesbrases.com, with the following content:
If the request is exercised by the interested party - Identity of the applicant: Name and Surname of the person concerned and photocopy of ID. The photocopy of a DNI may be substituted provided that the identity is accredited by any other means valid in law - Address for the purposes of notifications, date and signature of the applicant - Petition in which the request is made (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition)
In case you exercise the rights of rectification or cancellation, you must indicate what information you are referring to and the correction to be made, if applicable. - Provide supporting documents of the petition it makes. If the request is exercised through a voluntary / legal representative - Identity of the represented: contribution of a copy of ID or equivalent document - Representation conferred by the holder of the personal data. - Address for the purposes of notifications, date and signature of the applicant - Petition in which the request is made (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition)
In case you exercise the rights of rectification or cancellation, you must indicate what information you are referring to and the correction to be made, if applicable. - Provide supporting documents of the petition it makes.


We inform you that, in compliance with current legislation, your data are transferred to the State Security Corps and Forces. Due to the characteristics of the activity and services of Hotel les brases sa and for the perfect development and achievement of its objectives, it is necessary to transfer personal data to third parties, including international transfers. Likewise, you hereby consent to the personal data you provide to us, including the default status, to be assigned to companies of the Hotel les brases Group and for the aforementioned purposes, and in particular for promotional and marketing purposes both for Hotel account Les brases as their own. All the companies of the Group Hotel les brases and are referenced in our Web www.hotellesbrases.com. In case you send us your CV, the person in charge of the file tells you that your personal data will be transferred to companies of the Hotel les brases Group and dedicated to the hotel sector referenced in the Legal Notice, in order to make you participate in the selection processes of the Companies of the Group and its.


We also inform you that when you connect to our website, the computer where we are hosted automatically recognizes the IP address of your computer, the day and time it has entered, which has left us, and why Of our website has been moved. This is necessary for our computer to have knowledge of this data of your computer and thus to be able to communicate with him to send you what you ask through your browser and can see it on your screen. Neither our computer nor ourselves can know your personal data if you have not been the one who has provided us. Our computer, where the website is hosted, uses "cookies" to improve the service we provide.

These cookies are installed automatically but do not contain any information about you but, exclusively, technical information that allows the best communication with our computer. Where appropriate, such information shall be treated only on a global and statistical basis.


The person responsible for the file has adopted the legally required security measures in its installations, systems and files in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Data Protection UE 2016/679 of May 25, 2018, depending on the sensitivity of the data it provides.

Likewise, the person responsible for the file guarantees the confidentiality of the Personal Data, although it will disclose to the competent public authorities the Personal Data and any other information that is in its possession or is accessible through its systems and is required in accordance with the legal provisions Regulations.


The data controller ensures the quality of the data you provide, ensuring that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive for the legitimate purpose of the treatment. The users guarantee and respond, in any case, the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, authenticity, of the Personal Data provided, and commit themselves to keep them duly updated.

Hotel les brases services are not intended for minors and Hotel les brases does not solicit or collect information regarding minors. In accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Regulation that develops the LOPD, you may revoke consent at any time. If you have provided us with your personal data through any means regarding services offered by the Websites of Hotel les brases or you wish to revoke the consent, please send us an Email to the following email address info@hotellesbrases.com or by mail Postal to street av / generalitat 27, sort 25560, Lleida, Spain. Should our data protection policy have to change as a result of legislative changes or criteria emanating from the Data Protection Agency would be properly informed of any changes that were necessary to introduce to comply with the law.

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Responsible »Sagatu Comercial Hotelera, S.L
Purpose» Sending informative bulletins and promotions of interest to users
Legitimization »Consent of the interested party.
Recipient »The data provided will be located on the Dinahosting servers. (More information at: www.dinahosting.com)
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