Rural Tourism Lleida: Interesting places

The places of big interest for rural tourism in Lleida are those which you can see below. You can stay at our hotel Les Brases in Sort and know further.

Sort is located in the middle of the valley. It has a river outside the town, called "Noguera Pallaresa”. The valley was a short time ago a wide walnut wood which means NOGUERA, and Pallars Sobirà  means the upper region called Pallars.Pallars Sobirà  is the full name of the region where Hotel les Brases is placed over the 700m - 2,500 m.over sea level. Within an area of 105 km2. 3500 inhabitants live here permanently.The population lives in several small villages all around the valley. Along the valley you'll find plenty of Gothic buildings (S. XV), and the walls of the castle of the former residence of the Counts of The Pallars. You will also see the presence of hand crafted products: cheese, cakes, and typical sausages.The Noguera Pallaresa River crosses the city of Sort. The Noguera Pallaresa River is the best wild river water in Europe and many international canoeing competitions are held in it.Sports and activitiesYou will have access to sport activities and rural tourism in Lleida, such as rafting, climbing, hiking, etc.., and access to the ski resorts.In our Valley we have the ski stations listed below:
- Port Ainé 20 min
- Espot 20 min
- Baqueira Beret 22 min, which is considered the best alpine ski station in Spain. Placed at 2500 m. over sea level.
The weekly market is quite noticeable and is held every Tuesday. It brings together artisans and farmers in the village.Every 24th of June we celebrate a special event which consists on bringing fire torches down from the mountain top to the village. The people of the village walk carrying a burning torch into the darkness of the foot of the mountains, and all together make wonderful scenery, full of light and colour.Once they reach the village the crowd has a popular dinner together.

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