Brief explanation of our town: Sort.

Sort is the perfect place to disconnect, you can feel well because all is done and it's quiet but there is also a lot to do if wanted. Being the capital of the region, it is so easy to find the best source activities, such us: rafting, trekking, horse riding and among other adventure sports as skiing.

In the center of the town there's also life as there are more hotels, pubs and even clubs. Sort it is also the commercial epicenter of the Pyrenees, walks and there are children parks.

Sort is 40 minutes from Andorra and 18 minutes from the ski stations.

This town has been known lately for the lottery "la Bruixa d 'Or". The Lottery office is 40 seconds behind the hotel.

Our hotel in Sort

Our hotel landscapes from the hotel are simply beautiful with the mountains and the river. There is a restaurant (Restaurant Les Brases), where you can taste a very typical menu.

Our hotel in Lleida was inaugurated in 2003 and it has been built with wood and stone.

It is 70 meters away from the lottery "The Bruixa d'Or" and 100 meters away from the bus station.