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A very complete, deep and fascinating excursion that takes us into the Àssua Valley, following the old bridle paths that connected the small villages of Batlliu de Sort and the Àssua Valley with the rest of Catalonia. We start the route in Sort, the capital of Pallars Sobirà, and climb up to the village of Olp. Then we flank the mountain through a wooded area to the village of Altron, go down to the old Mola de Sall, where we cross the river Pamano, and climb up to the picturesque Sorre and Llessuí. We continue to Saurí, where we cross the Pamano river again. A few loops through the shady side of the mountain take us to the Trases pass, from where we start a long descent to the Bordes d'Olp, the panoramic village of Pujalt and, finally, to Sort.
If you want to discover the essence of Pallars Sobirà, its agricultural and livestock farming past and the architecture of its small mountain villages, this route is not to be missed. Despite being a physically demanding excursion - due to the distance and the slope - it offers several attractions: we enjoy fantastic views of the Monteixo, the Montsent de Pallars and the Torreta de l'Orri, we walk along beautiful historical paths - some of them recently recovered - and we discover what life was like in these areas not so many years ago.
- The magic of the Àssua Valley!
- The views of the Monteixo, the Montsent de Pallars and the Torreta de l'Orri.
- Refresh yourself in the springs of the Batlliu de Sort and the Àssua Valley.
- Discover the impressive network of paths that linked these villages in Pallars before the existence of cars.
- Observe fallow deer in the wild.


Difficulty: Remarkable
Departure/arrival: Hotel Les Brases sort-sort
Total time: 7:50 a.m.
Minimum altitude: 692
Maximum altitude: 1452m
Accumulated slope: 1265 m
Total distance: 30km
Nearest town: Sort
Accumulated slope: 1265 m


- Duration: Full day.
- Total effective time (without stops): 7:50h in total: 3:45h from the starting point to Llessuí and 4:05h to return from this village to Sort via the Trases pass, the Bordes de Olp and Pujalt.
- Total difference in altitude: 1.265m
- Difficulty: Remarkable. The route does not present any technical difficulties but the physical demands of the route are very high: the distance and the difference in altitude to be overcome are very considerable. Care must be taken on the stretch from the Bodoluixos ravine to the Trases pass, where the path is not defined (there is only a trace of a path, but it is soon lost). This route is not suitable for people with no mountain experience.
- Season: All year round. In winter it is necessary to get up early to make the most of the daylight hours.
- Equipment: As there is a good chance of seeing large and small birds of prey (griffon vulture, golden eagle, black and red kite, peregrine falcon...) and mammals such as fallow deer or roe deer, it is advisable to carry binoculars in your rucksack.
- Cartography: High Pyrenees Natural Park. 1: 50.000. Editorial Alpina.
- Observations: In winter the shady areas are usually frozen almost all day long. During the route we pass through a large number of detours and there are frequent changes of path. There is also a stretch of the route without a defined path. For these reasons it is necessary to pay close attention to orientation and to know how to interpret a map and/or a GPS device.
- How to get there by car:
The starting point of the excursion is at the Hotel Restaurant Las Brases de Sort. We arrive in Sort on the C-13 road. The Hotel Les Brases is located on the C-13 road, just at the north exit of the town. In front of the hotel there is a free parking space.
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