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Hotel Les Brases=s1900
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The Freedom Road is the name by which the route through Sort was known and which was used by approximately 70-80 thousand people who fled from the Nazi regime during the years of the Second World War (1939-1944). The mountain passes became the silent testimony of their odyssey to achieve their desired freedom.
The Prison - Freedom Road Museum aims to show what the escapes were like and to pay tribute to all those who took part in them. In the space known as Casa Xorret, where there used to be a Gothic chapel that served as a small hospital, the prison of the "Men of the Judicial Party of Sort" was eventually set up.
Different groups of people persecuted by the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War were also imprisoned there, as well as those who were to be subjected to Franco's repression. Those accused of minor crimes, basically petty theft and petty robbery, were also detained as a consequence of the extreme poverty of the early years of Franco's regime. The former Sort prison has been converted into a museum about the escape from Nazism. The museum is considered a monument to peace and freedom, and a tribute to the victims of fascism. To arrange guided tours, please contact: Telephone: 973 62 00 10
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