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Tavascan Water Interpretation Centre.
The Tavascan Interpretation Centre has been created to show a transcendental facet in the modern history of electricity in Catalonia: the construction of the hydroelectric complex in the Alt Cardós valley in the 1960-70s. Starting with a historical summary of the area, it goes on to describe the construction and operation, in the mountains, of the Tavascan and Montamara hydroelectric power stations, as well as the large hydraulic system that provided the necessary gauging, with the reservoirs, pipelines and technical installations.
It also includes a chronological summary of the construction of all the hydroelectric power stations in Catalonia (with a capacity of more than 5 MW), complemented by hydroelectric developments in general. It also includes a visit to the Espai FECSA ENDESA inside the Tavascan power station, where the impressive scale of the works carried out and the live operation of its facilities are shown.
Timetable: Visits by appointment
How to get there: From Llavorsí, a village located on the C-13 road between Sort and Esterri d'Àneu, take the L-504 road to Tavascan.
Address: Casal del Poble
25577 Tavascan (Lladorre)
Telephone: 656 814 557 / 973623089
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