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The Congost de Mont-rebei or Mont-rebei Gorge is a spectacular route carved out of the Montsec mountain range by the river Noguera Ribagorzana. It is a natural border between Huesca and Lleida (Aragon and Catalonia) and shares territory with the protected areas of the Natural Reserve of La Noguera and the Montsec mountain range.
The gorge is impressive for its landscape and its size. At some points the width is reduced to 20 metres, while at others the vertical walls rise up to 500 metres. Along the route, along the path carved into the rock, there are points of great interest such as the hanging bridge of the Barranc de Sant Jaume ravine, located 40 metres above the river.
El Congost de Mont-rebei is also an area of enormous ecological value due to its endemic flora and wild fauna, in which birds of prey such as bearded vultures, vultures and golden eagles stand out. Adventurers can opt for hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, caving and even cycling to enjoy the incredible scenery of this natural area, which is practically untouched.
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