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A fantastic route that takes us into the lower part of the Àssua Valley, following the old bridle paths that connect the villages in the area. We start the excursion in Sort, capital of Pallars Sobirà, and go up the river Noguera Pallaresa to Rialp. A steep climb takes us to the village of Surp, which still conserves all its charm. From Surp we descend to the bottom of the Pamano river valley, visit the ruins of the Mola de Sall and climb up to Altron. A long, panoramic flank takes us to the hermitage of Sant Josep de Olp, an essential vantage point overlooking the whole valley. We return to Sort passing through the village of Olp.
This route is a marvellous journey in the middle of Pallars Sobirà. We start the itinerary going up the river Noguera Pallaresa, the backbone of the whole Pallars Sobirà territory. The spectacular entrance to Rialp by the hanging bridge of Santa Caterina (from the 19th century), as well as the visit to the ruins of the medieval castle of Rialp, prepare us for the short but steep climb up to the beautiful Surp. Then we visit the old Mola de Sall, located on the so-called river of a thousand names; in its lower course it is called Sant Antoni, in its middle course it is called the river of Altron, and in its upper course it is called Pamano. A beautiful flank from the picturesque village of Altron takes us to the panoramic hermitage of Sant Josep de Olp, a point that offers wide views of the whole valley of the Noguera Pallaresa and the Batlliu de Sort. From Olp we descend in awe through an old oak grove, well sheltered by beautiful dry stone margins.
- Crossing the river Noguera Pallaresa over the suspension bridge of Santa Caerina, at the entrance to Rialp.
- Stroll through the narrow, picturesque streets of Surp, Altron and Olp.
- The historic paths of the Àssua Valley and the Batlliu de Sort.


Difficulty: Medium
Departure/arrival: Sort - Hotel Les Brases
Total time: 3:50h
Minimum altitude: 700m
Maximum altitude: 1304m
Accumulated elevation gain: 720m
Total distance: 12.8km
Nearest town: Sort
Accumulated elevation gain: 720m


- Duration: Full day.
- Total effective time (without stops): 4:45h in total: 2:15h from the starting point to Surp and 2:30h from this village to Sort passing through Mola de Sall, Altron and Olp.
- Total difference in altitude: 605m
- Difficulty: Remarkable. The route does not present any technical difficulties.
- Season: All year round.
- Equipment: We recommend taking binoculars to observe large and small birds of prey (griffon vulture, golden eagle, red kite, buzzard, kestrel...) and other birds.
- Cartography: High Pyrenees Natural Park. 1: 50.000. Editorial Alpina.
- Observations: If we are a large group, we must be careful when crossing the bridge of Santa Caterina. It is advisable to do it divided into small groups.
- How to get there by car:
The starting point of the excursion is at the Hotel Restaurant Las Brases de Sort. We reach Sort by the C-13 road. The Hotel Les Brases is located on the C-13 road, just at the northern exit of the town. In front of the hotel there is a free parking space.
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