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Nice route where we can enjoy many curves, breathtaking landscapes and some of the best areas of Spain, France and the Basque Country, with a continental gastronomy.


Departure/arrival: San Sebastián/San Sebastián
Total effective time: 5-6h
Total distance: 243km
Motorway: 0
Trunk road: 12.2km
Regional road: 16.6km
Local road: 68.4km

• Saint Sebastian
It is the world capital of gastronomy and pintxos, with an unforgettable view of the old town, where each bar is a treasure. In September the International Film Festival is celebrated, to which international stars attend daily. We can visit the Paseo Nuevo, the Buen Pastor Cathedral, the Old Town, the Wind Comb (which has become an emblem of the city), Mount Igueldo, Mount Urgull, the Aquarium (it is the oldest in the country). ), the San Telmo Museum and the Miramar Palace with some essential gardens to visit.

• Zugarramurdi
It is located between the Navarra mountain and the Cantabrian Sea, known as the ``Pueblo de las Brujas``, it has the magical touch of a place of enchantment, a heartbreaking past and nature in its purest form come together to offer us an unforgettable experience. A few minutes from the town we can visit La Cueva de Zugarramurdi, known for being a place of celebration of the mythical ``akelarres`` or meetings of witches. We can also visit the ``Museum of Witches`` which deals with the subject of witchcraft in depth and portrays the Navarrese society of the 17th century. On August 18, the ``Zikiro - Jatea`` is celebrated in the caves, a gastronomic festival where lamb roasted on a stake reigns.


San Sebastian, Irun, Zugarramurdi, Lesaca
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