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We leave Sort, the capital of Pallars Sobirà, towards the crossroads at the Saverneda farmhouse. We go up the picturesque Soriguera ravine to the rustic village of Puiforniu, from where we reach the panoramic village of Tornafort. A pleasant descent - first through pastures and later through boxwoods and red pine and, finally, through an oak grove - takes us back to Saverneda. We finish the route near the river Noguera Pallaresa in the direction of Sort.
Walking to the village of Tornafort, a natural vantage point with privileged views in all directions, is an extraordinary treat for the senses. But, beyond Tornafort, this route also allows us to discover and enjoy the lower part of the beautiful Siarb valley. On the way up, we go up the shady ravine of Soriguera, listening to the murmur of the water and enjoying the splendid riverside woods of the river Cantó. Afterwards, we walk down through subalpine forests while listening to the song of the woodpecker. At the bottom of the valley, on the way to Sort, we can entertain ourselves looking for blackbirds in the wild waters of the Noguera Pallaresa. With so many distractions and attractions, you'll never want to get to Sort!
- Getting to know Tornafort, a unique village in the Pyrenees.
- Going up the shady and magical ravine of Soriguera.
- The good views of the Montsent de Pallars going down from Tornafort.
- The possibility of hearing and seeing the black woodpecker. 


Difficulty: Remarkable
Departure/arrival: Sort - Hotel Les Brases
Total time: 4:30h
Minimum altitude: 672m
Maximum altitude: 1,289m
Accumulated slope: 700m
Total distance: 18.5km
Nearest town: Sort
Accumulated slope: 700m


- Duration: Full day.
- Total effective time (without stops): 4:30h in total: 2:30h from the starting point to Tornafort and 2:00h to descend from this village to Sort via the Saverneda farmhouse.
- Total difference in altitude: 700m
- Difficulty: Remarkable. The route does not present any technical difficulties.
- Season: All year round.
- Equipment: Nothing special.
- Cartography: High Pyrenees Natural Park. 1: 50.000. Editorial Alpina.
- Observations: If we do this route in winter we must be well equipped for the cold: the shady areas are usually frozen almost all day long, especially in the section of the Soriguera ravine. In this regard, pay special attention to the wood of the bridges you cross, as they may be slippery. It is important to pay attention to orientation, as there are frequent changes of path. For the more daring, there is the possibility of extending the excursion by climbing up to the Tossal de Puial, a panoramic summit of 1,914m that offers even more extensive views of the whole territory. If we want to make this ascent, we have to add 3 hours to the timetable described. The way up to the Tossal starts from the village of Tornafort.
- How to get there by car:
The starting point of the excursion is at the Hotel Restaurant Las Brases de Sort. We arrive in Sort on the C-13 road. The Hotel Les Brases is located on the C-13 road, just at the north exit of the town. In front of the hotel there is a free parking space.
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